How to write multiple-choice questions

I have edited a lot of multiple-choice questions (and seen several more throughout my own education). Here is a guide I’ve put together about how to create good multiple-choice questions and avoid creating bad ones. Obviously, make sure the question and answer are correct. Less obviously, make sure none of the distractors (wrong answers) are… Continue reading How to write multiple-choice questions


“Dysambiguation”: Mistaken Disambiguation

Disambiguation means taking an ambiguous sentence and removing the ambiguity. For example, "I like chocolate more than you" is ambiguous. You could disambiguate it to either "I like chocolate more than you do" or "I like chocolate more than I like you." I am coining the term "dysambiguation" to mean disambiguating the wrong way. Suppose… Continue reading “Dysambiguation”: Mistaken Disambiguation

The G Files

The G Files Part 4: The Genuine Article

Articles (a, an and the) are tricky. Non-native English speakers struggle with knowing when and when not to use them. Native speakers instinctively know, but most cannot consciously articulate the rules they're unconsciously following. (Why is it "plants release oxygen into the air" and not "plants release the oxygen into air"? Why is "the tiger… Continue reading The G Files Part 4: The Genuine Article