The G Files

The G Files Part 6: Editorial archaeology

"Editorial archaeology" is my term for trying to reconstruct what a writer originally wrote before it was mangled by grammar-checking software, using my knowledge of how the software works. It's a bit like historical linguists reconstructing unattested earlier word forms from current word forms, based on their knowledge of how languages typically change. One excerpt… Continue reading The G Files Part 6: Editorial archaeology


How to write multiple-choice questions

I have edited a lot of multiple-choice questions (and seen several more throughout my own education). Here is a guide I’ve put together about how to create good multiple-choice questions and avoid creating bad ones. Obviously, make sure the question and answer are correct. Less obviously, make sure none of the distractors (wrong answers) are… Continue reading How to write multiple-choice questions


“Dysambiguation”: Mistaken Disambiguation

Disambiguation means taking an ambiguous sentence and removing the ambiguity. For example, "I like chocolate more than you" is ambiguous. You could disambiguate it to either "I like chocolate more than you do" or "I like chocolate more than I like you." I am coining the term "dysambiguation" to mean disambiguating the wrong way. Suppose… Continue reading “Dysambiguation”: Mistaken Disambiguation